Gregory Alan Elliott is an award-winning graphic designer with 35+ years experience in the field.

He's created logos for a diverse client base from worldwide corporations to low-to-no-budget community causes/initiatives.

For his entire creative career, Elliott is considered "product" wherever he works.

For more on Greg's professional experience and work history, see this page.



As an "experimental artist", Elliott doesn't easily fit in a clearly defined box when it comes to his artistic style and interests.

He works with all types of material, from oil paint, to old scrap wood, to cultural memes, to online political opinion... from these varied materials and mediums, Elliott creates amusing, bemusing, enraging, and engaging art.

From street graffiti, to viral online memes, to graphic design, to giant micro-poetry shoveled in the snow, Elliott's art knows no bounds. 



Gregory Alan Elliott is a BIG fan of freedom of expression. As an artist who colours outside the lines, Elliott uses his creativity to push the boundaries of what is deemed "acceptable" in society.

As a sign of the politically correct times, in late 2012 he was wrongfully accused of criminal online harassment and was arrested for sharing his political opinions and defending himself on Twitter (If you would like to know more, you can watch these two videos here and here that cover a lot, concisely).

After a lengthy and expensive 3 years and 2 months-long legal battle (and being banned from the internet and computers during that time), he was acquitted on January 22, 2016.

Today he shares his two cents and does what little he can to speak out against tyranny and political censorship masquerading as political correctness.