Freedom of tweets:




In Nov 2012, GAE was falsely accused of a crime. Did he hurt someone? Defraud someone? No. He tweeted his political opinions and stood up for what he believed was right against a gang of online bullies who were aggressively building their professional brands on the destruction of others' lives.

This too-crazy-to-be-true story can only be fully understood when all the players involved are known, all their motives and mandates made visible, all the cultural narratives of the time explained, and all the potential ramifications on society are made clear.

Have an opinion that doesn't fit with the politically correct narrative of Social Justice Warriors? Dare to voice your opinion and defend your position in the face of tyrants who build their empires on the destroyed lives of others? If so, than this story could've been about you or anyone like you.

Freedom of Tweets is a book about corrupt politicians, overzealous police, a desperate media trying to out-scoop citizen journalists, hive-minded power-hungry feminists, and the Politically-Correct culture who are all working together to control public opinion and their political narratives. It is about a man, his family, and their friends' battle against a sinister cabal that would like nothing more than to arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate anyone willing to speak truth to their power.