Image c/o  Breitbart News  

Image c/o Breitbart News 


Gregory Alan Elliott has been labelled a villain by speech-police activists and a hero by freedom of speech advocates.

Prior to becoming notorious world-wide for his outspoken tweets, his inspiring street art still made local headlines.

July 27, 2008 - The Mystery of The Queensway Poetry

Feb 25, 2010 - Dirty snow gets artistic makeover (see what it was before Greg's makeover)

June 3, 2011 - Mothers raise cash for shade at popular park too hot for children

Dec 9, 2011 - City snips all but three love locks from Humber bridge

Here's a spreadsheet with all of the articles written about him and Toronto's Twitter Trial between Nov 2012 to mid 2016.

Many of these articles (highlighted red) are full of lies, misinformation, and propaganda sponsored and designed by those who were trying to cover up the damage done to Elliott and spin the narrative to their advantage. Or by others who simply take a die-hard, regressive left stance, regardless of the facts.

Others (highlighted green), written by honest, truth-seeking professional journalists are objectively factual and do a much better job of getting to the truth of the matter and communicating the bigger implications regarding freedom of expression for everyone in Canada.

Have a read here and make up your own mind about what was going on.

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